Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Grant Requests

CHRISTUS Shreveport-Bossier Health System is fortunate to serve as our area’s Children’s Miracle Network Hospital (CMNH). Not only do we provide excellent programs to local kids, we get unrivalled support from key partners to bring departments like yours equipment, training, and services to enhance your hard work and our patients’ experiences and outcomes. These partners and efforts include:

  • Local & national partners such as Walmart/Sam’s Club, Panda Express, JoAnn, Albertson’s, Dairy Queen, Take 5 Oil Change, Ollie’s, Ace Hardware, RE/MAX, Valvoline Oil Change, and Love’s Travel Stops; and
  • Donors who select CMN Hospitals, and
  • Associates who give to CMNH through our annual Associate Giving Campaign!

We are proud to be able to help you serve our patients with the best equipment and services possible.   

Grant Reminders

  • USE IT OR LOSE IT – In order to make sure funds are being utilized and available to those who need them, the Foundation has adopted a “Use It or Lose It” policy. Grant funds not used within 6 months of their award will go back to the Foundation, and the requestor may reapply for them in the next grant cycle.
  • ONGOING COSTS – Please be sure to plan your budgets to accommodate ongoing costs related to your grant requests. Ongoing costs could include service contracts, the cost of supplies, and subscription costs. The Foundation may pay for the first year service contract for a new piece of equipment, but departments will be responsible for those ongoing costs beginning in year two.
  • TAX, SHIPPING & HANDLING CHARGES – Quotes from vendors should include all applicable taxes and shipping charges. If you are unsure on taxes, know that Louisiana state and local taxes equal 9.7%.

Patient Story Submission

If CMNH funds are awarded, requestor will submit story idea within six months of merchandise being in active use (to allow for installation and training to occur as needed) to show how CMNH funds have benefited patient(s) and department. Valid story submissions must:

  • Be submitted via email to;
  • DUE: September 15, 2024
  • Provide contact information for the patient who has benefitted and/or their guardian; and,
  • Include a picture of the equipment or service. Clinicians may appear in the photo; please include a signed photo consent form.

2024 Children's Miracle Network Hospitals (CMNH) FUNDS APPLICATION

  • Excluded funding categories: annual or day-to-day operating expenses, memberships/subscriptions, or salaries.
  • Brief description of how project/items/program will help patients, families, and/or Associates served by your department.
  • Max. file size: 256 MB.
  • Max. file size: 256 MB.
    If this item costs $2500+ for a single item, not multiples adding up to $2,500, not including tax/shipping/handling, this is a CAPITAL REQUEST - You must upload an official quote from the vendor. Please request a 90-day quote. If your item is NOT a capital request, (<$2500) please upload a screenshot of the item from the vendor website, showing cost information.
  • I certify this information to be true and correct to the best of my knowledge, and I have discussed this request with my leader and senior leader and they approve of this submission.

Your Grant Contact:

Kelley Matkins, CMNH Program Director, will be your contact throughout this process. Please contact Kelley with any questions:

  • Email:
  • Cell: 318.588.0781
CHRISTUS Foundation — Shreveport-Bossier

7591 Fern Avenue, Suite 1903 • Shreveport, LA 71105

(318) 681-6781 • fax (318) 798-8317

CHRISTUS Highland Medical Center Celebrates
First Robotic Heart Bypass Surgery

Shreveport, Louisiana, Dec. 20, 2021– CHRISTUS Highland Medical Center is celebrating a landmark milestone in cardiovascular care with the announcement of the successful completion of the first minimally invasive robotic -assisted heart surgery.

On Thursday, December 16, Timothy Danish, M.D., CHRISTUS Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeon, and the CHRISTUS surgical heart team specially-trained in robotics used the daVinci XI Surgical System to perform a coronary artery single vessel bypass graft on a 68-year-old male.

“It was a smashing success-the patient is doing well and we’re extremely excited about it,” said Dr. Danish.

Coronary Artery Bypass Graft surgery is a common heart procedure; and now patients in the Ark-La-Tex have a less invasive option available at CHRISTUS Cardiovascular Center of Excellence. The robotics technology changes the field of vision for the surgeon, providing 10 to 15 times magnification-a significant increase over the standard surgical loops, which only provide 3 to 4 times magnification. The robotics increases the safety of the procedure by allowing the surgeon to control the viewfinder and surgical instruments in real time from a workstation instead of standing throughout a long and complex procedure. The computer interface also has the ability to provide more exact needle placement, which is critical to the success of heart surgery. The heart’s blood flow can be re-established to the affected area of the heart without having to open the chest cavity. Instead, the heart is accessed through small incisions made between the ribs.

During the procedure, the surgeon is seated at a workstation a few feet away from the patient, and controls three robotic arms on the operating table, which become his or her eyes and hands for the minimally invasive surgery. While viewing a video monitor to see the surgical site, the surgeon expertly maneuvers instrument handles on the surgical robot to replicate those movements with the instrument tips at the site of surgery. 

“The robotic approach of this procedure minimizes the trauma of the surgery,” said Dr. Danish. There is a huge benefit to not having a full sternotomy, having the chest fully opened during the procedure. We anticipate that it will lead to a quicker recovery, a shorter hospital stay, and less pain for the patient.”

Upon completion of the procedure, Dr. Danish and his team immediately transferred the patient from the operating room to the heart catheterization lab for a post-procedural angiogram to ensure proper blood flow and function of the newly bypassed artery. The morning after surgery, the patient reported minimal pain and was mobile and comfortable. He has since been discharged and is now recovering at home.

 “It was functioning beautifully, we are very pleased,” said Dr. Danish. “Our team is extraordinary. They’re very hard working and dedicated. I am one piece of the puzzle, with the whole team we were able to accomplish something amazing for this patient and for the future of heart surgery in our community.” 

The successful completion of this robotic heart surgery is the latest innovative achievement CHRISTUS Shreveport-Bossier Health System unveiled as its new state-of-the-art Cardiovascular Center of Excellence, a $43 million investment in facilities and technology at CHRISTUS Highland Medical Center, nears completion. Patients now have access to cutting-edge robotic heart therapy without having to travel out of the region. 

“It truly is a remarkable accomplishment, being able to be one of the first to offer patients in north Louisiana a robotic bypass procedure that accelerates the healing process and allows the patient to get on with life with a new artery graft that traditionally required open heart surgery. Having this performed on our campus is historic for cardiac care in this region,” said Steen Trawick, M.D., Chief Executive Officer and Chief Medical Officer, CHRISTUS Shreveport-Bossier Health System.

For more information on cardiovascular services offered at CHRISTUS Highland Medical Center, visit .